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Sky Cap Skylight Shades



Sky Cap Skylight Shades reduce the heat transfer inside the window box of a skylight window. Did you know the temperature inside a house near the skylight can be 30% hotter than the outside temperature? Sky Cap Shades can reduce your AC bills by eliminating 80% of the heat transfer from your skylight. Unlike frosted or opaque window covers, Sky Caps will preserve your view of the sky while cutting down the heat and glare associated with your skylight. Sky Caps can be left in place year round or easily removed in the winter months to capture the sun's warmth. They also help protect your skylight window from storm damage. Sky Caps are made from a polycoated polyester fabric made to withstand solar abuse and last for years. Want to block more light? Just insert a Styrofoam sheet under the Sky Cap to block 100% of the sun's rays. We make Sky Caps with a generous allowance for variations in manufacturers' sizes. Sky Caps come in three standard sizes for (28" by 28") square skylights, (28" by 54") Rectangular, and (52" x 52") Square size skylights. If your skylight is larger, measure the width by the length and call for custom orders. Natural light is often pleasant except when it fades your clothes, flooring and upholstery. You can still have a muted natural light and protect your home from heat and harmful UV rays.